End of Winter Season Letter

An End of Winter Season Letter from The Bluffs General Manager John Breidenbach
April 3 , 2022

Dear Members and Patrons,

The Winter has flown by and we’re looking at Easter quickly approaching. You stop and think, “What happened to the Winter?” It seems like yesterday we were welcoming everyone to a new Golf season and now the Groups & League Tournaments & Banquets are coming to an end…

But it’s been a great winter, with huge participation in all our leagues and record breaking activity in all our daily open play.

The golf course has seen continued significant usage and the greens are holding up nicely compared to past years. There are still areas on the course that need attention as a result of all the play and they will be addressed this summer, but overall the golf course has been in great shape thanks to the hard work of John Bamburg and his whole team in Greens and Grounds. These are the guys who are out there at 5 AM every morning and work hard at making improvements! Thanks for the dedication! Sue Fay and the Pro Shop team just keeps getting better every year, with more programs and working to make check in as easy as possible. We also have Bob Simmons and his hard working dedicated cart crew that not only keep our carts in great condition, but also helping find those forgotten sunglasses, car keys, GPS’s and wallets. Many of you have hopefully noticed that we have increased Starters and Rangers this year to keep things flowing as well as possible. This is a difficult job at times, but I’m sure blessed with the folks we have. The last person I definitely need to recognize is Lynda Breidenbach (my better half) and her crew in keeping everyone hydrated and fed from Bogey’s Pub. There is so much additional work that goes into making sure we have all the inventory needed, to run this business. I suppose I should also thank her for keeping me grounded. (LOL)

We have many plans for the summer which includes green’s aeration, wall to wall fertilization and trying to eliminate as many weeds as possible. We never know what kind of weather the summer months will bring, but you can trust that I will do everything within my power to make it better than the last season. It is truly a pleasure to call all of you my friends and look forward to the future.

See you around the course!